Dr Sanjivini Sharma

Kanpur Ploggers

Dr Sanjivini Sharma is the Founder of Kanpur Ploggers, an NGO that has been raising awareness about plastic pollution and cleaning the ghats of Ganga river in Kanpur, every Sunday for the last one year & prevented more than 10 thousand kilos of plastic and other pollutants from reaching Ganga.

Kanpur Ploggers also collects plastic packets from homes of 100 families and send them to a local recycle facility, where they are recycled. Having recycled more than 30,000 plastic packets, they have designed a novel tree guard using the same recycled plastic which is being used for plantation activity around Ganga river.

❝ There are very few schools that focus on holistic development of students instead of just academic excellence. Billabong International school is one such school. I had a lovely experience witnessing the annual function. The efforts put in by the staff and students was evident and the confidence of the students showed in how much they enjoyed performing on stage. My favourite part was the skit "Greenkeepers" which was completely scripted and written by students. I was amazed by the maturity with which the play was written, which talked about serious issues like climate change, circular economy and individual efforts in climate action. I congratulate Ms. Priti Agarwal for the vision she holds for her school, and also her execution to bring that vision to reality. ❞