Licypriya Kangujam

Licypriya Kangujam is 11-year-old
Indian climate activist

Licypriya Kangujam is 11-year-old Indian climate activist. She has been championing her cause since she was 6-year-old to protect, preserve, and nurture environment.

She is one of theyoungest climate activists globally and addressed the world leaders in the United Nations Climate Conference2019 (COP25) in Madrid, Spain calling the world leaders to take immediate climate actions to save our planetand their future. She attended the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly 2022. She is anoutspoken young leader inspiring millions of people around the World and one of the leading voices forclimate change globally.

She transformed iconic TajMahal into a plastic pollution free monument in June 2022. She launched an initiativecalled Monday for Mother Nature in 2020 where she plants trees every week with the school children every Monday with the mission to plant one million trees every year.

She was praised by United Nations Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres as “8-Year-Old Licypriya is thereminder of world’s obligations towards future generations” in 2019.She spoke in over 400 institutions and other platforms in over 32 countries advocating adults about thethreat of climate change as part of her movement. She currently works as the SpecialEnvoy of the President of Timor Leste and also as the Climate Advisor of Child Rights International Network(CRIN), London.

Licypriya Kangujam during TEDXBHISKANPUR event on climate crisis at Billabong High International School Cantt, Kanpur