Sajid Pareeth

Senior Researcher in Remote Sensing at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Sajid Designs and develops ICT solutions by combining remote sensing techniques with Earth observing satellite data towards optimising land and water use for ensuring food security under the changing climate scenario.He has 12 years of international experience working with multiple international NGO’s in Asia and Africa.His contribution in developing capacity on related technologies to multiple governments and NGO stakeholders is noteworthy.In short, Sajid is a digital innovator designing space based solutions towards optimal land and water use for food security in Asia and Africa.

Dr. Sajid Pareeth design and develop digital solutions using Earth Observation (EO) satellite technologies contributing to food security under the changing climate scenario. He has 15 years of international experience in uptaking the digital innovations to the end users in the global south. He is recipient of German government's DAAD scholarship and Marie Curie fellowship for Master's and post doctoral research. An avid believer of Free and Open Source for the benefit of society, he has contributed significantly in developing capacity to mainstream geospatial technology for informed decision making. He contributes to several projects funded by donors like European Union (EU), Dutch ministries, United Nations FAO, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank (WB) on using Earth observation in assessment of land and water resources. His work has contributed to policies related to land and water management in India. He is advising startups in formulating EO based technological strategies to develop successful sustainable products which has a global outreach.