Sreenivasulu M.R

Sreenivasulu M.R, a seasoned professional with over a decade of expertise in Insurance, Banking, and financial services, wears multiple hats – from Functional roles to Automation testing, Team Leadership, and Test Architecture.


He spearheads initiatives and proof of concepts across diverse domains, showcasing hands-on proficiency in Chaos Engineering. His journey includes individual contributions and leadership as a QA tech lead, excelling in crafting comprehensive End-to-End test plans, automation strategies, test scenarios, and cases.


Proficient in CI/CD engineering, he develops utilities for Quality Engineering. His automation testing spectrum spans Sanity, Functional, Integration, Acceptance, Regression, and End-to-End testing, including production install validations. Sreenivasulu boasts hands-on experience in Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One (8.12) – Transportation Module, and adeptly utilises Keynote DeviceAnywhere, SeeTest Manual, and SeeTest Automation tools for mobile testing.


His toolbox includes knowledge of Junit, test management tools such as Xray, Xmind, HP Quality Center 12, Bugzilla, Jira, and a penchant for API testing. He demonstrates mastery in Webservices (Soap and Rest API) testing and automation, employing tools such as Parasoft SOA 9.9.5, SoapUI 5.0, and RestAssured. Sreenivasulu also delves into XSLT scripting for XML formatting, transformations, and Mainframe CICS screen testing using Micro Focus Rumba 8.1.


His expertise extends to INS 21 principles, SQL concepts, agile methodologies, and he maintains a commendable academic record.

Beyond his professional pursuits, he actively participates in Toastmasters.